Readme for Commands List

Bot Owner Only

  • Bot Owner Only commands refer to the commands only the owner of the bot can use.
  • Bot Owner Only commands do not refer to the owner of the server, just the owner of the bot.
  • Owner of the bot is a person who is hosting their own bot, and their ID is inside of credentials.json file.

Cherry Blossoms

  • Cherry Blossoms is the currency of the public WizBot.
  • Cherry Blossoms can be .picked after WizBot plants a flower randomly after .gc has been enabled on a channel
  • You can give Cherry Blossoms to other users, using the command .give X @person.
  • You can only give flowers you own.
  • If you want to have unlimited number of flowers, you will have to host the bot.
  • Commands .award X @person and .take X @person can only be used by the bot owner.
  • If you .plant the flower, flower will be avaliable for everyone to .pick it. In that case you will lose the flower.

Manage Permissions

These permissions refer to the permissions you can set in Discord settings for individual users or roles.